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Professional Services - Data Science, Digital Transformation, Hardware and Software


The leadership team works to build trust and lasting relationships with partners, customers and employees. Learn more about our leaders here.


This blog was created in 2018 and includes a few articles from our various projects and initiatives over the years.

Professional Services in Data, Analytics, and Business Transformation

Quickly build compelling stories from your data that provide real insight and help you transform your operations! Data driven decisions will help to keep your business growing and providing customer value!

The Leadership Team

We believe that leadership is a about enabling others to succeed. As such, our leadership team brings the perspective that our corporate purpose is to enable both our employees, and our customers build a better future for themeselves and their communities.

Iwona Sokalska

PhD Student (Ryerson - Computer Science)

Master's of Data Science (Ryerson - Data Science - 2019)

Shawn Berney

MBA (2019), BTM (2006), ADVG (2000)

MCP - Microsoft (2001), Mitel SX-2000 Admin (2002)

SRT Instructor (2003), CSIA (98-99), Aquatic Facility Operator (2001)


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Currently our blog is hosted on an external site. This content is somewhat dated, but can be accessed at:

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